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The Bouquet & Cake Set includes one standard size hand-tied bouquet and one 6" cake. (Requires minimum 2 days prior to pick-up/ delivery)
A unique and romantic Valentine's Day gift that includes an arrangement with 6 stems of roses, a bubble balloon, and a large chocolate.
A perfect gift basket that contains two 4" plants, assorted fruits, crackers, and cheese.
Small flower box and mini floral card set.  Available in fresh flowers and soap flowers. 
Flower Ball that lasts forever with artificial flowers inside. Crown included with the arrangement. Make it into a gift set to make the present extra...
Flower box with a mix of fresh pink flowers. Make it into a gift set for an extra special present!  
This wonder box contains two Wilma Cypress plants and a candle with Christmas decoration in a wooden box! A beautiful Christmas decoration and a gift...
The set includes one deluxe size Christmas tree, 6" red velvet cheesecake from our partnered Dorothy Cafe, and one handmade floral card. This set requires a...
Purple tone flower basket with a mix of seasonal blooms. Make it into a gift set to create an extra special present! Flower Basket & Bubble...
A beautiful flower box with a mix of flower arrangements inside. Make the gift extra memorable by adding money in the box or creating a...
An exciting Christmas edition balloon box that contains flowers, a small animal doll, a handmade Christmas topper, and a small chocolate.
Assorted fruits and gourmet basket with 4" (10cm) Poinsettia plant.