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Premium 5 stem orchid arrangement in a boat-shaped golden pot to bring luck and posperity into the new year.
Vase decoration with rabbit doll and ornaments
Gorgeous 3-stem orchid arrangement. Pot may be different from the image based on availability. Please note that orchid arrangements require a minimum 3 business days...
Lunar New Year edition flower ball with a lucky rabbit inside Make it a set with our Lucky Rabbit Bouquet!
Chinese New Year edition lucky bamboo
Purple orchid arrangement in a pot
Premium 2 stem orchid arrangement in a boat shaped golden pot. Please note that orchid colours may be substituted (purple, pink or yellow) depending on availability.
A cute home decoration celebrating the Year of Rabbit. Includes battery for the light.
Harmonize the five elements within a space, bring good fortune and prosperity, and improve the flow of "chi" with a money tree! The money tree...
Lunar New Year edition Ginseng Bonsai plant
Lunar New Year edition 1 stem premium purple orchid
Premium 3-stem orchid arrangement in a boat-shaped pot with decorations. Please note that orchid colours may be substituted (purple, pink, or yellow) based on availability.