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How to Keep Your Cut Flowers Fresh

Florist's trick to keep flowers alive
You received a beautiful flower arrangement. But now what? Ever questioned about how to keep cut flowers fresh? Read our tips below!
1. Change the water every 3 days
Clean water helps keep your cut flowers live longer. Flower food package is provided with all of our vase arrangements. Make sure you add them to the water! Flower foods contain citric acid, sugar, and bleach to maximize the vase life of your flowers. 
2. Cut the stems once a week
Cutting the stems of flowers allow the flowers to absorb more water. Cut the stems diagonally with a sharp scissor one inch from the bottom of each stem. 
3. Remove extra leaves and foliage that reaches the water
Leaves and foliage below the waterline of the container can increase bacteria in the water. This could cause foul odours and shortens the lifetime of flowers. 
4. Place your flowers at the right spot
Flowers are very sensitive to temperatures! Placing them in direct sunlight or high temperature can cause the flowers to bloom quickly and wilt. Temperatures below zero can freeze the flowers can kill them instantly. Keeping flowers in car or outside for a long period of time is not recommended due to these reasons. Place the flowers in a cool place with indirect sunlight to keep them fresh.
Bonus - tips on flower basket arrangements
Now you're wondering, "But what about flower baskets?'
Flower basket arrangements are created in a floral foam. Floral foams absorbs and hold water for a long period of time so that the flowers can stay fresh. Place two fingers on the foam to check if it is dry or wet. If the foam is dry, add more water into the foam.

If you need a last minute flower arrangement, we can help. We offer same-day delivery to most Greater Vancouver area for orders placed before 1:30pm. Delivery available 7 days a week. Order online or call us at 604-524-8724.

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