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The Complete Rose Colour Meaning Guide

Roses have been a popular type of flower for all occasion, from weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. Like many other flowers, roses come in many different shades. You may want to consider the meaning behind each rose colour to better depict your feeling and message. You will be able to add a personal touch when your blooms align with the message you are trying to convey.
Red Rose: Love, Romance & Passion
Red roses have been symbolized as love and romance, being the classic flower for Valentine's Day. These flowers are the best way to convey your message "I Love You".
They are a perfect match with baby's breath or eucalyptus as well.
White Rose: Purity, Grace & Innocence
White roses are popular for wedding and sympathy arrangements as they typically represent purity, eternal loyalty, and innocence. White roses also comes in different shades, and cream roses make a softer look compared to snow white roses.
Pink Rose: Lovely, Sweetness & Elegance
One of the most popular rose colours, pink roses symbolize sweetness. The different shades of pink can present very differently - from baby pink to hot pink. They match well with most other flowers, particularly with peonies and hydrangeas. 
Lavender Rose: Love at first sight
These mystical roses are associated with enchantment and love at first sight. If you want to express your interest to someone, this may be the colour for you! Mix some purple carnations with the roses to enjoy the different shades of lavender flowers.
Yellow Rose: Friendship & Happiness
These bright sunny roses bring smile! They symbolize true friendship and joy, making them a popular selection as 'get well soon' or 'congratulations' flowers. Yellow roses go well with both blue hydrangeas and purple carnations.
Blue Rose: Royalty & Uniqueness
Blue roses are not very common, but can be a beauty both by itself and with white flowers. If you are tired of classic colours, add a bit of fun by choosing blue roses as a gift! They are also a great match for artistic individuals who enjoy unique flowers.
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